Morning Show Host Addresses 'Real and Scary' Divorce

Morning news anchor Sarah Harris recently divorced her long-time husband Tom Ward, and she admitted that the process was "real and scary." Harris is best known for hosting the morning show Studio 10 in Australia, and she opened up about her personal life in an interview with Stellar Magazine. She said that going through a breakup made her aware of how prominent she was in the public eye for some, and it was nerve-wracking.

Harris ended her 10-year tenure on Studio 10 last year and will now be hosting The Project in 2023. She talked about those projects as well as her personal life, saying of her divorce: "There's that feeling there's no real anchor there, there's no one on the end of the phone, even though there always is. When you go through something like that, it's like walking around with no skin and you feel like everyone can see your insides. You feel so exposed and vulnerable. It was hard because I was dealing with all these changes with the show as well."

Harris was already practically a household name in Australia when she married IT specialist Ward in 2014. They have two sons together – 6-year-old Paul and 4-year-old Harry. When they first announced their separation in March of 2021, Harris said that the former couple would "remain good friends and deeply committed to co-parenting our two beautiful boys." Sure enough, in her new interview, Harris said that she is "proud of how resilient" her sons have been through this process.

"They know they've got two parents who absolutely love them more than anyone or anything else on the planet. It's been good to keep that focus," she said. As for her personal coping strategy, Harris has already alluded to her commitment to therapy and self-development. In an interview with columnist Jana Hocking earlier this year she mentioned her treatment and how it would play into any future relationships she might get into.

"What about the baggage that comes with us? I mean, I've got more baggage than the Woman's Weekly," she said. When Hocking pointed out that Harris could at least identify her own issues before going into another relationship, Harris said: "That's true, that's true. I've spent a lot on therapy."

Of course, Harris may not have much time for romance in the years to come as she takes on The Project – a weeknight talk show covering news and current affairs in Australia. The show can delve deep into a wide range of topics, so Harris will need to research and report on all kinds of things to keep up. For now, her focus is most likely on work.