Mila Kunis' Rep Shoots Down Tabloid Rumors of Marriage Troubles With Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis has fired back at rumors that she and Ashton Kutcher have marital problems. The actress' representatives say that there is nothing to the rumors circulating about Kunis and Kutcher, in spite of mounting reports. The refutation seems to be confirmed thanks to the release od Demi Moore's book Inside Out: A Memoir.

Kunis and Kutcher have been together since 2012, and worked together long before that. However, they are far from a typical celebrity couple. The two prioritize their privacy above all else, and tend not to share the minutiae of their personal lives with fans. However, in the last year, a number of reports claim that the two have a failing marriage, and now Kunis has fired back.

A rep for Kunis spoke to reporters from Gossip Cop, saying that she and Kutcher are fine. They were responding in particular to a story from Star Magazine, published back in May. The article claimed that Kunis was "divorcing" Kutcher over a "cheating bombshell," and that she was "wasting away" from the stress. It stressed that the couple had "fundamental personality differences" that ensured their marriage would end.

The rep said that his report is categorically incorrect. They stated that Kunis has no health issues, no marital problems, and that Kutcher is "the world's greatest husband."

All of these inflammatory reports from the last year seem to stem from speculation about Inside Out, a new book from Kutcher's ex-wife, Demi Moore. Reports claimed to know what was coming in the tell-all book, and said that the "revelations" were tearing Kutcher and Kunis apart.

When the book finally came out last month, it did include some accusations that Kutcher cheated on Moore while the two of them were married. Some outlets still suggested that this had fueled "insecurities" for Kunis, and even argued that her dyed blonde hair earlier this year or her green smoothie diets were attempts to keep him loyal.

Again, Kunis' reps said that this was not the case. They said that the hair color was for a movie role, and pointed out that it had also been blue at one point. As for the diet, an emphasis on smoothies is hardly a unique preference in Los Angeles.


Kunis and Kutcher got together in April of 2012, and got engaged in February of 2014. They were married in July of 2015 in a private ceremony, and they have a daughter and a son. Kutcher was married to Moore from 2005 to 2011, while Kunis previously dated Macaulay Culkin.