'Mighty Ducks' Star Vincent LaRusso Getting Divorced After 3 Years of Marriage

Vincent LaRusso, who starred as Adam Banks in The Mighty Ducks movies, and his wife, Kathryn Elizabeth Everad, have filed for divorce after almost three years of marriage.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the couple filed for divorce on Thursday. The couple, who married in 2015, had no children together and did not list any community property.

The cause for the split was not listed. However, the documents say they have been living apart since March.

LaRusso played Adam Banks in all three Mighty Ducks movies. Adam was the best player on the team, and joined after Emilio Estevez's Gordon Bombay learned Adam lived within the Ducks' district boundaries.

After the the third Mighty Ducks film was released in 1996, LaRusso left acting behind to attend high school and Boston University. The 40-year-old returned to acting in 2006, appearing in the short film Damaged Goods and earned a small role in 2008's Superhero Movie. He appeared in an episode of Dollhouse in 2009. His most recent acting credit is the 2010 short film, George and Sofia.

In a 2014 interview with TIME, LaRusso looked back on his experience on the Mighty Ducks franchise as a happy one, noting that he still frequently ran into Estevez in Los Angeles.

"Emilio was a tremendous presence," LaRusso said. "He was a shock to me as a 12-year-old because he was certainly the first star that I had ever worked with. You wouldn't know it to meet him. He was always very gracious and always very helpful and he treated us all like we had all been friends for years."

He continued, "I've since seen him in Los Angeles and I have to say I was shocked and flattered: I recognized him turning and I said his name, and he turned and he had me immediately. He said my name immediately. After all those years, I mean I can't even do that with people that I meet now the next day. He did it after all those years, after all the faces."


LaRusso is not the only Mighty Ducks star back in the news. In November, Shaun Weiss, who played the goalie Goldberg, was arrested for shoplifting, weeks after he said he was going to rehab. The troubled former child actor was previously arrested for public intoxication in August. He had two separate stints in jail last year, first for another shoplifting charge and then for alleged possession of methamphetamine.

Photo credit: Disney