Megan Fox Might Have Her Eyes on Two A-Listers Amid MGK Fight

Megan Fox's Instagram stunts this weekend may have shed some light on her celebrity crushes as she was publicly fighting with her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly. Fox stirred breakup rumors on Saturday night when she unfollowed Kelly and deleted every photo of him from her Instagram feed. At the time, she was only following three other Instagram accounts: Eminem, Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet.

Fox scrubbed Kelly from her Instagram page on Saturday night and made a post that led many followers to believe they had broken up. Her "following" list was also conspicuous, and many commenters assumed it was designed to anger Kelly in some way. Obviously, MGK has a long-standing feud with Eminem, so it's no surprise that he made the list. The inclusion of Styles and Chalamet, however, sparked speculation. As the story spread, many people wondered if Fox had crushes on the two actors, and if perhaps she knew that Kelly would be insecure about it.

It doesn't look like Fox has any real-life professional connections to either Chalamet or Styles, nor any social connections that fans know about. She hasn't worked with either of them as an actor, and hasn't been known to spend time with them or their significant others – nor has Kelly. Some fans pointed out that Kelly and Styles are contemporaries in pop music, but they are not exactly direct competitors for awards or genre charts.

As for Eminem, he and Kelly have had a highly-publicized feud going back years before Kelly's relationship with Fox. It started in a 2012 when Kelly made tweeted a suggestive remark about Eminem's daughter who was then 16 years old. Years later, he claimed that Eminem had used his industry connections to try and "blacklist" him, and the two began to exchange diss tracks. The two have continued to insult each other in lyrics ever since.

Interestingly, Eminem is the only one on her following list that Fox had a real-life connection with as far as we can tell. She was the star of the music video for "Love The Way You Lie" by Eminem and Rihanna, so she likely met the rapper. She has never indicated that they maintained a friendship, and has never weighed in on his feud with Kelly.

Fox deleted her Instagram page altogether on Sunday afternoon, and neither she nor Kelly has commented publicly on their alleged breakup. However, sources close to them told reporters from PEOPLE that they are not actually calling off their engagement, though they did have a serious fight this weekend. They said that Fox is "very upset" with Kelly and "won't speak to" him, adding: "They haven't officially called off the engagement but Megan took her ring off. They have had issues in the past, but things seem pretty serious this time."