Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Reportedly 'On a Break'

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's relationship has reportedly been on the rocks lately, and now it's said that the couple is "on a break." Speaking to Us Weekly, a source close to the pair said, "Megan and MGK are currently on a break but are still in contact." The insider then added, "They are very hot and cold."

Additionally, the source went on to say, "They have stalled wedding planning to work on their issues. Their relationship is pretty volatile at the moment. They are currently off, but still texting each other." Just ahead of Valentine's Day 2023, Fox deleted all traces of MGK from her Instagram and made a cryptic post about "dishonesty," before completely deleting everything from her Instagram account entirely.

Fox later reactivated her account to share the following message: "There has been no third party interference in this relationship of any kind. That includes, but not limited to, actual humans, DMs, AI bots or succubus demons. You need to let this story die and leave all of these innocent people alone now." That post has since been deleted as well.

In Touch later shared comments from a source claiming to be close to the couple, who said, "Megan is at her wits' end with cheating rumors so much so that she deleted her entire Instagram and posted a weird statement. She is blocking anyone that communicates any unsolicited opinion on her relationship or tells her about what is being reported. She wants to hear none of it!"

The insider went on to say that "there is concern" for Fox among her close friends. "I've never seen her like this over any man in any situation," they stated. Other friends are "worried about her and would like to see her move on," the source added, then boldly stating, "If the relationship survives, everyone closest to her will be shocked." Lastly, the insider added, "She is over his immature and ridiculous antics. The tension is at a boiling point."

More recently, ET reported that a source close to the couple stated that they are working on their relationship. However, the insider added that they "still have trust issues" that they need to work on. "They have a lot to work out before they can think about moving forward together as partners," the source said. "MGK really loves Megan, and he is hopeful that they can get to a better place and be happy together. He knows he is going to have to go above and beyond to reconcile things with her."