Matt Lauer Dating Longtime Friend Shamin Abas Following Divorce From Annette Roque

Matt Lauer is reportedly dating Shamin Abas, according to sources who spoke with In Touch Weekly. The disgraced news anchor has been doing his best to lay low since his dozens of sexual misconduct scandals broke in 2017. New photos show him gearing up to spend the holidays with Abas in New Zealand. Lauer and Abas have reportedly been friends for years, going back to at least 2005. Abas works in public relations, and sources say that her friendship with Lauer has escalated since his "Me Too" scandal and his subsequent divorce from Annette Roque.

See the photos here.

"Obviously one thing led to another and they're a full-fledged item now," the source said. They added that Lauer has been "on the prowl" for a new girlfriend, "especially after Annette dumped him."

The source went on to say that many of Lauer's prominent and influential friends "turned their backs on him," but Abas remained constant. They believe her faith in him is genuine.

"She knows who he is," they said. "She's thrilled she's with him. She doesn't seem to have a care in the world."

Abas is 50 years old, while Lauer is 62. The source said that none of the allegations against Lauer seem to bother Abas, attributing this to Lauer's innate charm.

"For everything he may have done, Matt's very charming," they said. "I can see how Shamin fell for him."

Lauer and Roque were together for about 20 years, and share three children — 18-year-old Jack, 16-year-old Romy and 12-year-old Thijs. After a slew of sexual assault and harassment accusations came out about Lauer in November of 2017, Roque sought a divorce, which was finalized in September of this year.

Lauer is reportedly not worried about a similar fallout with Abas. The source said: "He can trust Shamin."

Abas wore a broad smile in the latest photos of her and Lauer together. They show the couple dressed well, laiden with bags as they head out on a holiday vacation. They were previously seen leaving New Jersey on Dec. 19, and are now apparently ringing in the new year in New Zealand.


Lauer traveled in jeans and a sweater pulled over a collared shirt, with a Yankees hat and sunglasses nearly obscuring his recognizable face. Abas, meanwhile, flew in a white blouse with an ascot tied around her neck, and slacks tucked into her boots. Judging by the bags they have with them, the new couple may be staying at Lauer's New Zealand property well into 2020.