Marilee Fiebig Shows Support for Andrew Shue's Family Amid T.J. Holmes, Amy Robach Romance

Marilee Fiebig just made her first public acknowledgment of her ex-husband's cheating scandal. Fiebig is married to Good Morning America anchor T.J. Holmes but was reportedly in the process of separating when news broke that Holmes and his co-anchor Amy Robach were having an affair. This weekend, Fiebig "liked" an Instagram post from Robach's stepson Nate which seemed to reference the scandal as a whole.

Nate posted a photo of himself and his father, Andrew Shue with family members on Wednesday, Jan. 28. It read: "RIDERS ON THE STORM. ON TO '23." Of course, some assumed "the storm" he referred to was the publicity fallout from Robach's affair with Holmes, though she was already in the process of divorcing Andrew Shue. Meanwhile, Fiebig's "like" on the post indicated that she is keeping up with Shue and his family as well.

What Fiebig meant by this subtle gesture is up for interpretation – it could just as easily have been commiseration, support or agreement. Fiebig is dealing with a "storm" of sorts herself as she and Holmes begin the process of divorce.

Fiebig, an attorney, has not commented publicly on her husband's cheating scandal, which swept through social media and celebrity news coverage over the last month or so. Her most recent Instagram post does allude to "challenges" in her personal life, however. It came just days before Robach and Holmes' relationship became public knowledge, and it concerned strong familial and community ties.

"The advice I give my daughter most often: find yourself a sisterhood village in this life," she wrote. "When your cup runneth empty, they will be there to fill it over and more (or throw the contents of the cup at whomever if the need arises.)"

Less than a week later, The Daily Mail published photos of Robach and Holmes on a discrete romantic getaway together in upstate New York. The story took over social media – likely because Robach and Holmes have spent so much time together on camera demonstrating their rapport, giving viewers lots of evidence to comb through in hindsight. However, According to PEOPLE both anchors were already in the process of separating from their spouses.

Holmes formally filed for divorce on Wednesday, Dec. 28 according to a report by Us Weekly. He and Robach still seem to be together, but they remain off the air as ABC News conducts an internal investigation of their relationship. There's no word yet on when they may be back.