'Love & Hip-Hop' Star Recently Filed for Divorce

Lyrica Anderson is pulling the plug on her six year marriage to producer A1 Bently. The former couple appeared on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, chronicling both their romantic relationship and music careers. Anderson is a singer and songwriter who has written songs for singers like Beyonce – while A1 has worked with the likes of Chris Brown, French Montana and Fabolous. The couple eloped in 2016, but their marital bliss has been short-lived. Strangely, they are currently appearing on Season 17 of Marriage Boot Camp on We TV.

"We decided to come to Marriage Boot Camp to see if we can save our marriage," A1 says in their bio video. Anderson says her breaking point came as a result of A1's infidelity. "I don't know how many times A1 has cheated, I just know that it was the last thing that broke us up," she explained. But A1 doesn't want to give up, noting that he understands his mistakes but wants to "see if I can put my family back together." Obviously, the show was taped before Anderson's divorce filing. A1's wish didn't come true. 

Their marital woes played out on the show, including an ongoing feud between their over-involved mothers. Things magnified throughout their time on the show as cheating rumors plagued their relationship. A1 admits to cheating several times. But when Anderson was accused of having an affair with Safaree Samuels, things took a turn for the worse.

Shortly after the allegations about Anderson and Samuels, Anderson became pregnant with her first child. A1 and his immediate family demanded she takes a paternity test. It was later revealed that A1 was the father of their son.

Their son, Ocean Zion Bently, was born in 2018. Anderson told TMZ that she suffered a major health scare after giving birth. The singer said that almost immediately after giving birth, she felt like she was about to die. Her health quickly deteriorated, with things getting so bad that doctors had to give her toothbrushes to release pain from her skin itching.

Outside of Love & Hip Hop, the couple tried working things out on Marriage Boot Camp, which aired on We TV. They also appeared on Zeus Network's The Conversation where they aired their dirty laundry. By that point, Anderson moved out of their LA mansion. She couldn't get past the infidelity.

"I did you wrong, made a mistake, cheated, you couldn't get over it," A1 said to Anderson during an episode. "I just have a really hard time being with someone that I don't think is going to be completely faithful," Anderson responded. Anderson filed divorce documents in an L.A. County courthouse.