Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Camila Morrone Fires Back At Haters About 22-Year Age Gap

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend, Camila Morrone, sent a subtle jab at their detractors with a recent Instagram caption. The 22-year-old model posted a selfie in a black turtleneck sweater, joking that it would have been more at home in a different time.

"I shoulda been born in the 60s," Morrone wrote in the caption.

She included two different peace sign emojis in her message, perhaps reflecting how the sweater and the long hair made her resemble 1960s icons like Janis Joplin. However, many fans took her real meaning to be about her relationship with DiCaprio.

(Photo: Instagram @camilamorrone)

"Then you would be old enough for Leo," one commenter wrote.

Many others echoed this sentiment. At 44 years old, DiCaprio is twice the age of his girlfriend. Had she been born in the 1960s, she would be at least five years older than him, as he was born in 1974.

DiCaprio has a long history of dating much younger women, and is quickly taking over the pop cultural archetype of eternal bachelor, just recently vacated by George Clooney. DiCaprio has dated many models, often in private trysts with lots of vacations in secluded locales overseas.

"Just look at the last 20 girls he has dated, same scenario over and over, he ages but his girlfriends stay the same age, not normal!!!!" one commenter wrote on another of Morrone's recent posts. "Life experiences and expectations with such a large age group is impossible to match... typically the elder is in it for sex and the younger for money and fame."

Morrone balks at this simplistic view of her relationship with DiCaprio, however. On Thursday, she posted a video of herself refuting her critics on her Instagram Stories.

"I just read some of the comments on my Instagram and, my God, people are so mean and, like, full of anger with people that they know nothing about," she told her followers in the video clip. "Uh, I guess I just hope on this Friday that people learn to, uh, live with a little less hatred and place their time and interest elsewhere. Because living without hatred feels pretty good."

Regardless of the rumors and DiCaprio's reputation, sources close to the couple have said that they are quite serious. They got together in December 2017, and last year an insider told Us Weekly that they couldn't rule out the possibility of marriage.


"They're very in love and serious... They've talked about getting engaged," the source said, noting that DiCaprio has "never loved a girl like this."

DiCaprio stars in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which hit theaters this past weekend.