Latest Update on Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's Marriage After Their Thanksgiving Reunion

The status of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage has been the subject of speculation for months now, but Us Weekly reports that they are putting on a united front to ensure that their children have a happy holiday season. The contentious couple even spent Thanksgiving together "as a family."

"Everyone chipped in for the cooking and preparation," a source explained. "They really are trying to celebrate the holidays as a family and put aside their differences." The actors "have a lot of heated arguments and good and bad days," the source continued, saying that they are "still there for their children" no matter the state of their own relationship. "Most importantly, [they] want their kids to be happy," the source said, admitting that divorce could "still happen," but the couple have an "understanding" for the holiday season. "They're trying to just get through the rest of the year as one unit."

Spelling and McDermott have been seen out and about without their wedding rings, and the Beverly Hills 90210 actress shared her holiday card photos on Instagram without her husband. Posing with 14-year-old Liam, 13-year-old Stella, 10-year-old Hattie, 9-year-old Finn and 4-year-old Beau –– all of whom she shares with McDermott –– she and the kids exuded the meaning of "country living" as they stood between a pig and a few goats. Spelling held a chicken as she smiled in the middle.  "It's that time again. And it's a winter wonderland at my house!" she captioned the sponsored post.

She previously refused to answer any questions regarding her marriage during her visit to The Wendy Williams Show, which was guest hosted by Whitney Cummings. "What? You know I'm not going to answer that," she said at the time. To which, the comedian responded with: "Fair enough, fair enough."  

"We asked, I love you, this is somebody that has strong boundaries and she's controlling the narrative, and answers the questions [we] want to ask when she wants to answer them, and I respect that and I love that about you," Cummings said. A source close to Spelling later revealed that there was no bad blood between the two for the comments. "She was in a good mood and happy to be there for Whitney. They're great friends. She hates flying and flew there to be with Whitney," the source told a separate outlet. 

Divorce rumors have been circulating around the couple for some time now. A September report from an insider close to the family claimed that the official split was "imminent." "[She] and Dean have been done for about three months now. To their credit, they tried… they really tried. But Dean's sex addiction became too much for Tori," they said, clarifying that the breakup is not related to any kind of infidelity. "He absolutely did not cheat, but he just wants sex all the time."