Kylie Jenner Admits She 'Can't Wait' for More Babies Amid Breakup With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner is once again talking about her desire to have a second child. She held a Q&A in her Instagram Story amid her break-up from Travis Scott and answered questions about motherhood. The 22-year-old posted a video of her daughter, Stormi, and was asked, “Do you plan on having more kids?”

Jenner answered honestly, “I can’t wait to have more babies, but not ready just yet.” She welcomed her first baby, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Scott, in February of last year. A source previously revealed to Us Weekly that Jenner wants to have a second baby, but Scott does not.

She answered other questions, as well.

One fan asked, “What are other names you considered naming Stormi?”

Jenner responded, “Rose, I still love that name.”

Another fan asked, “What was your favorite part of pregnancy?,” to which she responded, “Nothing more special than feeling your baby move and grow.”

A third asked, “Was it hard getting back in shape after your pregnancy?”

“I snapped back pretty fast but it was never the same it still isn’t!,” Jenner responded. “Once I accepted the change my confidence came back. It just takes time.”

Jenner and Scott broke up last month. A source spoke with Entertainment Tonight about how she was doing post-breakup.

"This has been an extremely big year for Kylie, being named the youngest billionaire, ending her friendship with Jordyn, and ups and downs with Travis," the source said. "However, Kylie is thankful for everything she's been through and it has really helped her grow as a woman."

"Kylie has exactly what she's always wanted: a child and to be a young mother," the source noted. Although she hopes things with Travis do work out, she knows she'll be OK if they don’t."


A different source talked to PEOPLE about their relationship. "Kylie is all about family life and really wants a second baby," the source said. "She still has trust issues with Travis. He hasn’t been giving her the commitment that she needs. Travis isn’t ready to give her all that she wants."

"Kylie looks up to Kim and really wants what she has with Kanye [West].”