Kendra Wilkinson Tweets About Husband Hank Baskett's Parents Amid Divorce Reports

Kendra Wilkinson is reportedly set to divorce her husband Hank Baskett III, but she apparently has no hard feelings against his family.

Fan Morgan Shayne Goodin spotted Baskett's parents, Hank Baskett Jr. and Judy Baskett, out at restaurant and let the former Playboy model know about the sighting.

"I spy your in laws!" Goodin wrote. "Hank does a great job at karaoke!"

Despite the ongoing drama in Wilkinson's relationship, she sent a kind message about the Baskett family.

"Please give them a hug for me," Wilkinson wrote.

News of troubles began when the former Girls Next Door personality shared a series of black-and-white selfies with overlaid messages like "life isn't making any sense to me right now" and "I need to love myself again."

Sources then spoke to Us Weekly claiming that the couple, who have two children together, are preparing to divorce.

"She's been really unhappy and felt uncomfortable in the marriage and they have been fighting a lot," the source said.

Wilkinson has shared numerous cryptic messages since that news broke, many of which seem to be about the split.

"The universe doesn't stop for you," Wilkinson wrote on Friday. "Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. At the end if all [you] have is faith, love and positive outlook then it's a good day."

Wilkinson had recently admitted to fans that she and Baskett were going through marital troubles.

The post came in response to tabloid article claiming Wilkinson was "faking" marital issues so WE tv would give Kendra On Top a seventh season on the network. The model/actress took to the photo's caption to blast the magazine and explain the truth of the matter.

(Photo: Instagram/@kendra_wilkinson_baskett)

"1. How do u fake marital problems? Makes absolutely no sense," Wilkinson wrote. "2. Yes we are having issues. 3. My job has been reality tv for 13 years. 4. My show was a comedy and light hearted 'til sad times happened then we had to change my show from comedy to drama. Not what I wanted but was a part of my journey and story."

She continued, "5. These issues Hank (and) I are having in our home which we are tryin(g) to hard to over come, everyone knows about, including producers and network, friends and family. 6. My job is reality TV and I love my job unfortunately these issues at home are affecting my decisions [because] the last thing I want to do is hurt Hank."


She then shared hopes for the future, telling fans she wants to be "fun Kendra" once again.

"7. I hope to get back to the fun Kendra you all know," she wrote. "That's all I want [and] aim for. I hate drama!!! Thank you all for your support and understanding me at this time. I've been in a lot of therapy lately [and] hope all gets resolved for me, Hank, kids and even for TV."