Kelly Ripa Gushes Over 'Daddy' Mark Consuelos' New Haircut, and the Comments Roll In

Kelly Ripa just called her man "daddy" without shame! That's right, "daddy." The morning show host took to Instagram to show off her husband Mark Consuelos' new haircut and in her caption, referred to him as "daddy" then stated it again with a hashtag, in case her fans didn't get it the first time. While Ripa has received backlash from haters for revealing intimate details about she and Consuelos' relationship, she couldn't care less. She feels her man is hot and is ready to show him off.

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#daddy got a haircut. That’s right, i said it. #DADDY

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Comments by Celebs, the popular Instagram page, left a comment that read, "One more time for the people in the back."

"Say it again!!!!!" Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna, said.

Several others commented with replies like, "What a stud," to "Professor." One onlooker commented, "#daddy always looking good."

However, one follower admitted that she calls her man daddy, writing, "I say it [laughing out loud]. Who hasn't called their man daddy come on ladies."

It seems as though she's getting a lot of positive response from her fans. Although there is one person who isn't necessarily a fan of her showing off her love for Consuelos so publicly, and that would be her daughter Lola Consuelos.

Back in March 2019, Ripa shared a throwback photo of the two as her hubby grabbed her from behind on the hip and she commented on his hands. While Ripa felt that was an appropriate caption, her daughter didn't.

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#fbf 2007 Those hands 💕

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Lola replied with, "Is that caption necessary?" before adding, "Gurl bye" with the hand-waving emoji.

Her mom didn't seem to care though, saying, "No, she's just grossed out. That's my daughter," to one of her followers who didn't know that was her daughter commenting, saying, "They look like great hands Kelly, @youngestyung (Lola's Instagram handle) is just jealous."

Ripa is used to her daughter being grossed out by their love, and by what she wears, but says "...I think that means I've gotten something right," Ripa told PEOPLE in an interview about her daughter.


"She just feels that what I wear is embarrassing and awful," she explained. "But then I think that means I've gotten something right. ... I don't think your teenage daughter should like what you're wearing."

It's probably safe to say that Ripa will continue to show off her hubby on Instagram and her fans are here for it!