Kelly Clarkson Scores Major Victory in Divorce From Brandon Blackstock, but There's a Catch

A judge has ruled that Kelly Clarkson gets to keep her Montana ranch to do with as she pleases amid her ongoing divorce battle with Brandon Blackstock. The home has been a point of contention between the two as Blackstock claims to have rights to it since it was purchased during their marriage. Clarkson purchased the home in 2019 at an auction for $10.4 million. Since she is the sole owner on the title and their prenuptial agreement states she gets to retain everything she purchased on her own throughout their marriage, the judge has ruled in favor of honoring the contract. 

Blackstock has been staying at the ranch as he pursues his new ranching career and he reportedly does not want to move out. Clarkson's ex-husband originally wanted to split all of their properties down the middle along with taking half of the income she earned during their union, but the judge has vetoed the request. 

As previously reported, Clarkson wanted to sell the expensive ranch home. Her attorney Laura Wesser asked the judge for permission in doing so, but Blackstock's attorneys objected to the idea as there had been no ruling on who would hold ownership at that time. The judge also ordered Blackstock to pay the costs of running the ranch while he stays there. The ranch expenses total close to $81,000 a month to run.

The news comes after Clarkson earned another big win in the divorce battle this summer. While she'll still be forced to give up a large chunk of change in spousal support, a judge declared that she would maintain the bulk of her assets and income she earned while she was married. Sources told outlets that she was apparently so ecstatic over the news that she let out a scream of joy while working on the set of The Voice


In July, Clarkson was temporarily ordered to pay Blackstock almost $200,000-per-month in spousal and child support –– which is a drop in the bucket for the singer and TV show host. Court documents revealed she makes a significant $2.4 million per month. Clarkson will also pay 70 percent of her children's school fees and expenses since she holds full custody of their two children, River, 7, and Remington, 5. The "Stronger" singer was legally declared single in September.