Katy Perry Accidentally Posts Cheeky Comment About Orlando Bloom on Instagram

Katy Perry accidentally posted a message on boyfriend Orlando Bloom's Instagram she only meant for his eyes.

The singer seemed to be admiring Orlando Bloom's backside in a promo he posted for his latest project, a West End revival of Tracy Letts' Killer Joe, Thursday.

"I need a season pass for that a—," the singer commented, according to a screengrab captured by the CommentsByCelebs account.

She then added, "Oops I meant to send you that privately" alongside a shrug emoji.

(Photo: Instagram/CommentsByCelebs)

Bloom stars as Det. Joe Cooper in the thriller, which follows him after he's hired to kill the mother of a family planning insurance fraud. Perry recently flew to London to attend her beau's play in the West End, which fueled further speculation that the couple was back together.

Perry, 33, confirmed that she is "not single" during the finale of American Idol. She has been seen with her ex-boyfriend Bloom several times over the past few months, making him the logical candidate.

She posted a picture of the playbill inside the theater on her Instagram Story, and even tagged Bloom in it. She adorned his picture with floating heart emojis, making it all but certain that things have sparked back up between them.

Bloom's play opened earlier in May, featuring Bloom in the starring role. This isn't Bloom's first role on high-class theater. He acted on Broadway in 2013 in a production of Romeo and Juliet, and in 2007 he performed at the Duke of York's in In Celebration. The last time Killer Joe was produced in the West End, Matthew McConaughey starred as Joe.

Meanwhile, Perry went well out of her way to see the show. The singer needed to be back in Amsterdam to perform at the Ziggo Dome as part of her Witness tour. Back in April, she spoke about her ambiguous relationship status with Entertainment Tonight.

"I have been spoken for, and speak for myself," she said. "And I'm very happy!"

Perry and Bloom broke up in February of 2017 after just over a year together. It wasn't long before whispers emerged that they were giving it a "second chance."


"The time they spend together alone is a way for them to build a new healthy relationship that is not under the eyes of their fans and the world," a source told Entertainment Tonight. "They both live very busy lives and have carefully made a plan to give their love a second chance."

The two may never address their relationship status in public, as Perry has demonstrated that she likes to keep her personal life to herself. Earlier this month, she was infuriated when she sent a private note to Taylor Swift, only to have the singer post it on her Instagram Story.