Kanye West Caught Googling Explicit Photo of Wife Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is known for being vocal with his views online, but one photo he shared with fans had a few doing a double-take. In a paparazzi photo he shared of himself from the neck down, focusing on his shirt, jacket, pants and shoes, one fan noticed what was written at the top: "Kim k flashes nipple." The follower who pointed it out wrote, "Lol why is kanye googlin 'kim k flashes nipple' tho."

While this may seem rather odd, especially given he and wife Kim Kardashian's tense relationship at the moment, someone did provide the Twitter user an explanation. "Nope,he was searching for the picture of his fits that night,Kim was beside him in that picture. It was a papparazi picture and it was saved on the internet with 'Kimk flashes nipple.'" Several other social media users jumped in to share their opinion with several assuming Kardashian may be embarrassed by that, following his recent Twitter rants.

West has said some shocking things over the years, but in recent weeks, he turned the tables on his family. Starting with his first presidential rally, he admitted that he and Kardashian considered getting an abortion when she first became pregnant with their daughter and eldest child, North. Following his emotional speech, West took to Twitter to accuse his wife and mother-in-law Kris Jenner of trying to lock him up following his claims. He also said that Jenner was no longer allowed to be around the four children that he and Kardashian share.

Following those initial tweets (which have now been deleted), West revealed that he's been trying to get a divorce from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star since 2018. More recently, sources have come forward claiming that the pair are officially done with their marriage, they're just trying to figure out the logistics of how they'll co-parent. To fans' surprise, the insiders allege that the two have both been trying to go their separate ways for quite some time now but didn't because of their kids. However, paparazzi photos were taken of the couple in Wyoming near their ranch, where Kardashian could be seen in tears as the couple talked in a vehicle. Other sources say the pair are doing everything they can to save their marriage.

In the meantime, other reports are stating that Kardashian hates the idea of North moving to Wyoming to live with her dad but doesn't want to deny any of their children of their father. Despite what West admitted regarding possible abortion, insiders say that North and West's relationship is undeniable and that they have something very special, so special Kardashian can't even deny. While nothing about divorce is confirmed as of now, there's no doubt their family is going through an emotional time, and Kardashian has requested her fans show more empathy than criticism.