Jon Gosselin Talks His Relationship With Ex Kate Gosselin and Says He Knows What People Say About Him

In an interview with Yahoo Celebrity, Jon Gosselin, former star of the TLC hit show Jon & Kate Plus 8, gets honest about his relationship with ex-wife Kate and how his life has changed since the show, and his marriage, ended, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Seven years after the popular show ended, Gosselin said, "I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not under TLC. I don't have to behave."

Gosselin said his relationship with his ex Kate has been nearly nonexistent since the show ended, and that currently, it's "bad right now."

As a part of his custody agreement, he gets to see his kids once a week for dinner, and they can stay every other weekend at his house.

But Gosselin reveals that he only sees his kids four at a time, and doesn't control which ones come, meaning he hasn't seen one of his sextuplets, Collin, in over a year and a half.

He claimed, "Now all the secrets are coming out because I'm not afraid to say anything. How come you only get four kids?' Because who I get is who I get. Whoever comes through that gate or gets off that [school] bus is who I get. And Collin is homeschooled, so he doesn't get off a bus."

The father of eight resides in his hometown of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, and works as a DJ, a job he says is the longest he's had since the divorce.

He hopes to return to TV on some sort of reality show focusing around music, but says he would never consider putting his kids on TV again.


Gosselin says he knows that he's received a lot hate over the years and knows "all the s**t people talk about me."

He says, "I'm 39 and I finally know what I want to do. For those who had patience with me, God bless 'em. For those who don't, I'll see you on TV."