Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Get Mixed Reactions to Their Hurricane Donations

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took to Instagram today to announce that they're donating to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, but the amount of their donation seems to be causing mixed reactions among their fans.

In the video, Lopez starts by saying, "We've been watching everything that's been going on down in Houston and our hearts are just breaking for all the families that are displaced [and] all of the victims."

She adds, "Seeing these pictures of children [and] all of the footage, it's just devastating and we just wanna do out part to help."

Rodriguez speaks up and says, "Jennifer and I are going to [donate] $25,000."

Lopez then interjects and says, "Times two." This seems to signify that they intend to collectively donate $50,000, or $25,000 each.

Continuing, Rodriguez says, "It's our opportunity to come together as one to help out all the great families in distress down in Houston. We're praying for you. God bless all of you."

Lopez speaks again, explaining, "We're gonna put some information right below, so that everyone can do their part cause at the end of the day we're all in this together. We have to pull together when others are in need in this country and everywhere in the world."

She ends by stating, "Do as much as you can. We're gonna do as much as we can through this whole process."

The comments on the post reveal that many people are torn on the amount they're donating, with some expressing that they should donate more.

One person, wrote, "God bless. You too for this good gesture and compassion."

Yet, another said, "With all the money you both are worth that's all you can come with ??? That's embarrassing don't even post it and you should of kept it quiet."

Many followers acknowledged other celebrities that gave more. "Sandra Bullock alone donated 1 million," said one person. "Chris Brown just gave 100,000. And both of you are worth way more then him," wrote another.

This sentiment seemed to resonate with many, as one commenter fired off, "That's pocket money for arod cmon."


At this time the couple does not appear to have addressed the comments on their post.