Jana Kramer Reveals Awkward Detail About Her and Jay Cutler's Nashville Date

Jana Kramer spilled the tea on her date with Jay Cutler that made headlines earlier this month. After she and Cutler were photographed together at the opening of the Twelve Thirty Club rooftop bar on Sept. 8, the One Tree Hill alum is opening up about the night, revealing a "messed up" and awkward detail: her ex-husband Mike Caussin was also there.

On her Whine Down podcast Monday, Kramer said she saw Caussin there with another woman. When a photographer in attendance took photos of Kramer and Cutler together, the country singer recalled that they wanted a photo of them alongside her ex-husband. "I haven't [seen the photo] either, but you know what's really messed up? My ex was there the same night and the photographer tried getting a picture with all three of us and I was like, 'No, no, no, no, no, nice try,'" she recalled.

"And everyone kind of started laughing but I was like, 'Not happening, no, yeah, no,'" Kramer added. "I mean, yes, obviously we were at the same place and when the photographer came I was just like, 'Mmm,' and then we all just took a photo. Umm, but yeah."

Kramer went on to say that she "had a feeling" Caussin — with whom she shares daughter Jolie, 5, and son Jace, 2 — would be in attendance that night. "I would say that was really hard to see him there," she said. "See him flirt with other girls and I mean, granted, I was there as well doing my thang but it was really hard. You know what was hard? It looked so easy for him. Does that make sense? Where it's like, it looked like it didn't bother him one second and that, like, hurt, you know? Because I was just, like, he's just untamed and uncaged and he's happy."

The two even spoke in a "strange" exchange. "I was like, 'This is awkward,' and he's like, 'Not at all,'" she remembered. "And I was like, 'Ugh, OK.' I'm glad that he was fine with [them both being out with other people] but at the same time ... I talked to my therapist about it and just a little piece of me was, like, it would've been nice to be like, 'Yeah, this is hard, but I'm glad we can be cordial.' That acknowledgment that it could hurt a little bit."

Kramer and Cutler's Nashville outing was the second time they went out together this month. The budding romance comes amid Kramer's divorce from Caussin in July and more than a year after Cutler's divorce from Kristin Cavallari. For her part, Cavallari has been seen out and about with country singer Chase Rice.