Hilary Duff's Fiance Matthew Koma Reveals Racy Apology After Starting Argument With Her

Hilary Duff's fiance, Matthew Koma gave her a saucy apology on social media on Monday that was definitely not safe for work.

Koma explained that he and Duff got into "an unnecessary argument" recently, and he found himself needing to make an impactful apology. To do that, Koma lined a pizza box with a piece of paper reading "Sorry I was a." Beneath that, he left a sex toy for his fiancée to find.

See the photo here.

"Sometimes it’s pizza night, and you start an unnecessary argument and owe your significant other an apology," Koma wrote in the caption.

Duff got in on the joke as well, leaving one of the top comments on Koma's post. She admonished him for sharing "this sweet moment" with the rest of the world, affectionately calling him "honey." Below, many more friends and followers laughed over Koma's apology, unique as it was.

"Sooo now we know you have one of those just laying around," noted Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas.

"Lmao!!! This is great! She couldn’t be mad at you after that gesture," another fan commented.

"Is that a big enough apology though?" a third person wondered.

Whatever came between Duff and Koma can't have been too serious, as they seem to be on fine terms now. Duff posted a few clips of her fiancé on her Instagram Story overnight, including a video of him cooking, and two more of him laughing and joking with her in the bedroom.

Duff and Koma became engaged just last month, although fans already had a feeling they would last. The two began dating in January of 2017, following Duff's split from ex-husband Mike Comrie. Last June, Duff and Koma announced that they were expecting their first child, a daughter who was born in October.

Duff has another child from her previous marriage, though this is Koma's first. Still, in a heartfelt Instagram post on Father's Day, she praised the singer-songwriter for his natural parenting skills.


"Babe. You are the most natural papa bear I’ve seen," she wrote. "You always put us first. You know exactly what to say. Affectionate beyond. Calm and strong. The kids don’t even know how lucky they are that it’s you.... but they will. It’s a gift I get to witness everyday. We love you more than words."

"This is my favorite picture of you and Banksy on her arrival day," she went on. "It’s burned into my memory for life, the joy and disbelief on your face makes me smile and warms my heart every time i see it."