Get the Details on Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher's Sparkling Engagement Ring!

(Photo: Getty / Rick Rowell)

JoJo Fletcher said yes to Jordan Rogers' proposal on the season finale of The Bachelorette Monday night, and along with the guy, she a got a gorgeous ring to boot!

Fletcher's sparkler was provided by Neil Lane and features an oval-cut center stone and pavé diamonds along the band, Us Weekly reports. The ring weighs in at more than 3.5 carats and has a classic, simple look, with the center diamond beautifully set off by the surrounding stones.

(Photo: Twitter / @totalsratmove)

Fletcher revealed on an episode of PEOPLE Now that although she didn't get to pick the rings the contestants would choose from, she had an idea of what styles might be in the group of options and had her heart set on a certain look.

"I knew that I had kinda thrown in about this other ring," Fletcher said.

"When I was driving to the finale, I had this freak-out moment where I was like, 'I know which ring, it has to be the simple one, whatever that is it has to be that one.' And then everyone was like, 'you know whatever he chooses it will be great.' I had no clue. So I was like 'Okay that's fine.'"

"And then he opened the box and it was the ring that I was having a panic attack about," she continued, "and [Rogers] had picked it all on his own. He knew!"

Rogers shared that he didn't hesitate when it came to picking out Fletcher's new rock.


"It was easy. It would have been my choice as well," he said. "I knew exactly which one."

"It's so nice getting to actually wear it now," Fletcher added.