Frances Bean Cobain Seen Moving out of Her Home With Police on Watch

Wow.... #francesbeancobain #isaiahsilvaA photo posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@frankiesisi) on [...]

Wow.... #francesbeancobain #isaiahsilva

A photo posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@frankiesisi) on

According to NY Daily News, Francis Bean Cobain, daughter of Nirvana star Kurt Cobain and notorious singer Courtney Love, was seen moving out of her home with a police escort. Turns out that the police were there to potentially keep the peace as Cobain is in the process of leaving her soon-to-be ex-husband, Isaiah Silva.

Cobain had started to move her things out earlier in the month; however, things quickly turned south. There haven't been any reports as to what actually happened between Cobain and Silva to warrant the protection, but either way, they were present this time.

The young couple, Cobain only 23 years-old now, has been together for five years. They were married in a small, secret wedding in 2014. Now, after two years of marriage, Cobain has decided to pull the plug. She even made sure to stress that Silva shouldn't be entitled to a single cent of Cobain's father's estate after the divorce.

On a more touching note: Frances Bean celebrated Father's day by posting an old photo of herself and Kurt Cobain.

Happy Father's Day Kurt. We miss you.

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