Fergie Makes Another Official Change Following Divorce From Josh Duhamel

Fergie is officially taking her own last name back following her divorce from Josh Duhamel.

Fergie never dropped her stage name during her marriage to Duhamel, but she did legally take the actor's last name. With their divorce finalized at last, it looks like the singer is finally ready to change her name back as well,. According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, she has filed court documents to legally change her name back to Stacy Ann Ferguson.

Fergie and Duhamel separated back in 2017, with the singer citing irreconcilable differences at the time. Just last week, she finally followed through on the split, filing for divorce at last. At the same time, she requested that maiden name be legally reinstated.

Fergie also asked the court to terminate the possibility of spousal support in her split from Duhamel. Both stars do well financially, so there should be no need for an arrangement there. She also requested joint physical and legal custody of their 5-year-old son, Axl. Fergie and Duhamel have reportedly been on friendly terms since their separation, dedicated to co-parenting Axl.

Still, insiders said that Fergie's split from Duhamel was an important step forward for her. The singer has always been fiercely independent both in life and in her music. With her marriage officially over, she is showing her acceptance by handling the business end of things with grace.

"Fergie has always put health and parenting first in her life. She is finally ready to say [her marriage] is over for good and that's what led her to file for divorce," a source said. "Fergie finally had the strength to say her marriage to Josh was over once and for all."

"Those closest to her knew she would get to this point eventually," they went on. "She feels good standing on her own and it was time to let go."


Fergie and Duhamel announced their break-up in the September of 2017. The two have worked hard to remain close as a family if not a couple, although Duhamel does not seem to be done with parenting yet. Last year, he appeared on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, where he said that he was looking for a new, younger partner so that he could have more children.

Duhamel took some flack for that remark, and for dating much younger women ever since. Last week, he was spotted out with 25-year-old model Audra Mari. So far neither has commented on the nature of their solo dinner.