'Family Matters' Star Darius McCrary Addresses DUI, Child Endangerment Charges

Darius McCrary, former star on Family Matters, is reportedly firing back at his estranged wife's [...]

Darius McCrary, former star on Family Matters, is reportedly firing back at his estranged wife's allegations that he intentionally hurt their 2-year-old daughter.

McCrary is best known for playing Eddie Winslow in Family Matters back in the 1990s. He is still working steadily in Hollywood, though unfortunately this year he has been in the headlines for child abuse accusations leveled against him by his estranged wife, Tammy Brawner. Brawner claimed that McCrary dislocated their daughter's shoulder in March. In a new video published by TMZ, McCrary does his best to explain the situation himself.

"None of these allegations are true," he said firmly. "And it really saddens me, and it hurts me, actually. The way it happened, basically, is when we were done visiting with my family she asked me to take the baby to the bathroom. When I took the baby to the bathroom the baby just said, 'Ow.' I never pulled the baby. I'm a father first."

McCrary's side of the story suggests that his wife persuaded their daughter, 2-year-old Zoey, to fake an injury or exaggerate it to get him into trouble. He said that he is having a hard time defending himself, as so many people just assume his guilt.

"What's more frustrating than anything is having to explain that you're not this monster," he said. "The baby was never put over a boiling pot of water. In fact, if anything, I may have been showing the baby what hot and what cold is, and pointing to a pot. I would never do anything to harm my child. This alleged 'injury,' it never happened. It didn't happen."

Ultimately, McCrary's daughter was taken to the hospital, where he said that he saw his wife rewarding her for her performance with his own eyes. Without stating his theory directly, he seemed to suggest that Brawner had bribed their daughter into a theatrical injury.

"In fact, it was really disturbing that in the hospital that night, she reached into the baby bag and pulled out this huge bag of sour patch kids, and gave our daughter a sour patch kid and the baby magically started moving her arm. So, um, I do believe it was premeditated."

McCrary had a theory as to how and when his wife came up with the scheme to get him into trouble as well.

"I do believe that the ride from Beaumont all the way to West Hills is where this whole thing was concocted and planned out, because I think that she had to think of what she was going to do," he said. "This is what gave her the time. If you look at a map and look at where Beaumont is it's almost a three hour ride, so that's plenty of time to figure things out."

As much as the allegations of abuse hurt him personally, McCrary said that he is still worried about his daughter first and foremost, and about his wife straightening out her state of mind.

"I'm hurt. I'm devastated. I'm just praying for her that she'll be able to get her mind right, and I'm praying for my daughter," he said. "Our daughter."