Ewan McGregor's Ex-Wife Believes He Cheated on Her With Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Eve Mavrakis is still reeling from the split with her husband of 22 years, Ewan McGregor. The couple separated after McGregor told Mavrakis that he had fallen in love with Mary Elizabeth Winstead — his co-star on FX's Fargo. McGregor assured his ex-wife that he had come to her first, and that nothing had happened between him and Winstead before they talked.

However, a new anonymous source told The Sun this week that Mavrakis is still convinced that McGregor lied to her. Mavrakis is convinced that Winstead and McGregor were together before she heard about it, saying that it's "hard for her to believe him."

"This situation is extremely difficult for her and their four children," the source added.

The couple reportedly split back in May, though they delayed the announcement for a while. McGregor and Winstead were spotted in public back in October, which clued the press in on their situation. Now, Mavrakis is breaking her silence, and many are sympathizing with the actress. 46-year-old McGregor left 51-year-old Mavrakis for 32-year-old Winstead — a scenario some find to be cliché and troubling.

Still, there is other evidence that the two were together before they clued their respective spouses in. Some point to photos on Winstead's Instagram, some of which have been deleted, that make the timeline a little hard to pinpoint. She and McGregor work closely on Fargo, so it's anyone's guess as to when they became more than co-workers.

Winstead also left behind a previous marriage for the new relationship. She divorced writer/director Riley Stearns. Stearns posted an emotional public message to Winstead on Instagram shortly after the break-up, but later deleted it when news reached him of her new romance with McGregor.

Just last week, Stearns was disputing claims that he'd posted threatening messages on his Instagram story directed towards McGregor and Winstead.


"The whole process has been a lot for me," Stearns wrote in a public statement.