Emily Blunt Reveals the Moment That Led to John Krasinski Proposing to Her

Emily Blunt shares it didn't take much for her husband John Krasinski to recognize she was the one. In an appearance on  River Cafe Table 4 podcast, the Quiet Place actress reveals she earned her wedding ring by making this special meal for The Office alum.  

"I guess I just made something that I knew he would love," she said. "A roast chicken, who doesn't love roast chicken? The roast chicken I love is Ina Garten's roast chicken. It's called her 'Engagement Chicken' because I think when people make it for people they get engaged or something."

Chicken noodle soup was the first meal she cooked for her now-husband, but the roast chicken apparently sealed the deal. Blunt and Krasinski started dating in 2008 and walked down the aisle in 2010. They share two children together: Hazel, 7, and Violet, 5.

"Lemon, garlic, onions up the chicken, thyme, salt and pepper, all that. You scatter onions around the chicken, but you pack them in really tight into the tray. And then you roast them really high [for] about an hour and 20 minutes and they're done and they're perfect," Blunt continued. "When you take the chickens out you then kind of sauté in some wine and some butter into that oniony, garlicy mixture. Oh my God, it's divine. It's really sticky and yummy."

 "That's it! That's all it took!" Blunt said. The couple regularly collaborate, working together on Krasinski's thriller movies A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2. The director opened up about working with his wife on the movies earlier this year, calling her "the greatest collaborator" he's ever worked with.


"... To actually be there when she's doing what she's doing, I was just blown away and in awe... She's the type of actress who can deliver that intensive performance and then ask you what they have at the [craft services table]. If you're able, and if you're talented enough to switch it on and off like that, you make my job easy," Krasinski told Entertainment Tonight