'Duck Dynasty' Daughter Sadie Robertson Loves What Her New Husband Thinks of Her Stretchmarks

Sadie Robertson is officially a newlywed after marrying Christian Huff on Nov. 25, and she's clearly a fan of wife life, using her latest Instagram post to share her appreciation for her husband and his reactions to her stretch marks, which she shared were one of her previous insecurities.

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Robertson shared her caption alongside a photo of herself wearing a red bathing suit and sitting in a lounge chair on a beach, a book in her lap as she smiled at the camera.

"'whoa babe your stretch marks are so cool' - things husbands say," the former Duck Dynasty star began. "I'm finding it's pretty cool that the things I was insecure about my husband thinks are the best. But when I really start to think about it, i think that the things most people are insecure about are the things we think are the best on the ones we love."

"Smile lines, face wrinkles, stretch marks, scars that say we made it through something hard, and all the other things we notice in the mirror that bother us, our friends and family notice and love and are proud of the people we have become," the 22-year-old continued. "Just think about it... if we love it for other people let's just start loving it for ourselves too - it would make life a lot more fun."

"My babyyyyy," Huff commented. "so proud of you and so in love with you honey. love your honesty and realness."

Robertson and Huff, 21, tied the knot in front of 600 guests at Robertson's family's farm in Louisiana. The ceremony took place on the tennis court before the group moved to an outdoor tent for the reception. Over the weekend, Robertson shared a pair of photos of the couple's first look from their wedding day, the first a snap of her hugging Huff from behind and a second the moment he turned around and saw her.

"our first look... we were both so nervous anticipating this moment - for my groom to see his bride," she wrote. "He was turned around with his eyes closed and I walked up to him and put my arms around him. He could feel my heart pounding with my chest up to his back and I could feel his heart pounding with my hands on his chest. we stood there for about a minute and a half before he turned around to see me and as we stood there, both of our hearts slowed down. Peace. We were both brought to peace when we came together. It was such a powerful moment that we will hold on to forever."

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Photo Credit: Getty / David Livingston