Donnie Wahlberg Admits He 'Could Definitely Fool' Wife Jenny McCarthy on 'The Masked Singer' (Exclusive)

The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy has questioned a few times whether her husband, Donnie Wahlberg may be under a mask or two, and now, Wahlberg is speaking out about it and teasing how anything is possible! In an exclusive interview with, the New Kids on the Block singer admits while he feels he could absolutely "fool" McCarthy into thinking he is a contestant on the popular singing series, he would have to change a few things first in order to make it a challenge for her.

"I could definitely fool her if I competed on The Masked Singer," Wahlberg confessed to "You know, I'm good at disguising my voice a lot. Ironically, she always says, 'You can impersonate people so good! You can sound like a different person so easily,' so it would be fun in that regard to go on there and totally fool her and change my voice up multiple times to throw her off."

While the Blue Bloods star is confident he could fool her with his voice, it's his body movements that would be the biggest hurdle to overcome.

"The part I'm not sure I could get away with is my movements. She knows how I dance. She knows how I walk. She knows — she knows! She knows every inch of me," he continued enthusiastically. "I'm not sure I could fool her no matter what the costume is. I think she'd spot my physicality a mile away. Voice wise, I could fool her. I don't know about movement wise. I just, I just don't know that I could do it."

However, there is one solution he came up with. Fans of the show will know, it's not always about the mask. Contestants are decked out from head to toe in full costume. Some are more revealing of body shape, while others completely disguise any sort of figure. T-Pain, who won the first season, disguised himself as a monster, which covered the majority of his body. That's something Wahlberg would have to do in order to completely confuse McCarthy.

"My costume would have to be like, no arms and no legs," Wahlberg answered jokingly. "Like a beach ball. I could be the beach ball on the Masked Singer and possibly fool Jenny."


Whether he could trick his wife or not, it's probably safe to say, fans would absolutely love to see the boy band member bring his talents to The Masked Singer stage.

The competition is heading into the semi-finals as Leopard, Thingamajig, Fox, Flamingo and Rottweiler are still competing for the title of Season 2 winner. The Masked Singer airs Wednesday on Fox at 8 p.m. ET.