'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Fans Not OK With New Mystery Woman Photos Coming Out

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans were furious when the reality star was photographed with a mystery woman this weekend. The acclaimed bail bondsman and bounty hunter lost his wife, Beth Chapman back in June, and many fans felt it was too soon for him to be moving on. So far, the nature of the dinner is unclear.

Beth Chapman had a prolonged battle with cancer that reality TV fans are well acquainted with. In 2017, A&E aired a documentary titled Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives, which followed the family through Beth's successful throat cancer operation. Last year however, the disease returned, spreading to Beth's lungs and growing to Stage 4.

Ultimately, Beth stopped accepting chemotherapy and radiation, putting all of her faith in God. In June, she was put into a medically-induced coma and passed away in her sleep. Fans mourned along with Chapman and their kids, feeling like they were a part of the sad tale.

That may be why they were so up in arms on Saturday, when The Daily Mail published photos of Chapman out to dinner with another woman. The 66-year-old was spotted at an upscale Italian restaurant in Los Angeles with a mystery woman, apparently on a date. Chapman was hard to miss with his signature tan and long, bleach blond hair, and his date was an elegant brunette in a gown and matching high heels.

"Alrighty then..." one fan tweeted about the photos. "Seems a tad too soon, but..."

"There is ABSOLUTELY No way on this Planet that @DogBountyHunter is Dating or even thinking about it, he was UTTERLY Obsessed by @MrsdogC & Grieving Hugely," added another.

Many more fans followed this train of thought, insisting that there must be another reason for Chapman's dinner with the mystery woman. Whatever the case, they did not imagine he was capable of moving on yet.

"Wow that's insulting to @MrsdogC memory shame on ppl," a fan tweeted. "Do you think he is such a good actor he could [fake] that devastation. He [couldn't] pretend to be that in love. Shame on all of you."

Finally, a huge contingent of the Dog the Bounty Hunter fandom simply accepted the possibility that Chapman was finding comfort in dating. They argued that it was his right to grieve however he saw fit, and that a new relationship was not necessarily an insult to Beth.


"I know people move on but their hearts alwayz with the lost loved one. They just miss company and not used being alone. Let him be. This doesn't show pain he is in but life keeps moving. All grieve differently but those alive need keep living," a fan wrote.

Chapman has not responded to the speculation about his love life. He returns to TV next month with Dog's Most Wanted, premiering on Sept. 4 on WGN.