'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Wants This Item of Beth Chapman's Returned After Theft

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman is hopeful that police will find the culprit behind a robbery at a store owned by the reality star and his late wife Beth Chapman earlier in August. According to PEOPLE, there is one item that Dog desperate wants to retrieve above all else.

The reality star initially spoke out following the robbery and offered the suspected thieves 48 hours to return the items and he'd help them out. That deadline came and went, leaving it in the hands of the local Colorado police. That means Dog is forced to sit on the sidelines while the authorities do their best to hunt down the items.

But for Chapman, there is one item he really wants back and it holds a special value to him: Beth's taser. A lot of his late wife's property and bounty hunting gear was housed inside of the store as a memorial to her passing back in late June.

“We had this 15 years...We just canceled, we were doing an inventory as this was going on, so thank God we had a list. Cops have been here trying to see who was inside the building, when usually it’s only open during the day. We’ve got a list, a lot of stuff is missing,” Dog told reporters at a press conference following the robbery. “I had a lot of Beth’s bounty gear here, and all that’s gone. Some of her personal stuff was here, all of that is gone.”

During a chat with TMZ on Friday night, Dog indicated the Edgewater Chief of Police personally called him after the robbery to ask that he not get involved in the investigation with his bounty hunting team. Though when pressed, Chapman did indicate that he would pursue the culprit if the warrant for arrest went national.

"Is a bluebird blue?" Chapman responded when asked if he had the talents and skills to track down the culprit better than the police.

All of Chapman's family have been helping out on the efforts to find the suspect behind the burglary. Security footage taken from the scene has been passed around on the social accounts for Bonnie and Lyssa Chapman.

The burglary comes on the heels of the family's loss of Beth Chapman. On top of that, Chapman has also had to deal with a potential scam aimed at him from the United Arab Emirates. Chapman and his literary agent received a hefty check for $430,000 to speak at an event during a convention for small business owners. But the catch was they'd have to make a $250,000 donation from the total amount, which would essentially leave him on the hook for that money because the check would mysteriously be stopped before fully clearing.


Chapman didn't end up falling for the scam but it goes to show just how difficult it can be to be a famous name in the world. Everything up to the point of the donation seemed on the level until Chapman and his associates called the hotel where the event was allegedly being held.

Dog will return to television on Dog's Most Wanted on Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America. It will be preceded by a two-day marathon of Dog the Bounty Hunter as a sort of tribute to Beth Chapman.