Did Cardi B and Offset Call off Their Engagement?

Cardi B raised some eyebrows over the weekend when she hosted a New Year's Eve party without her engagement ring.


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Cardi B got engaged to fellow rapper Offset in October. The couple even recently appeared together in Migos' music video for "Motorsport," rapping about each other pretty explicitly.

The ringless sightings of Cardi B come on the heels of rumors that Offset has been unfaithful. After an alleged hack of his iCloud account, pictures and leaked showing Offset with another woman in a hotel bathroom.

Cardi seemed to acknowledge the infidelity in an Instagram Live post, though she hasn't addressed it since and the video is gone. She also referenced the scandal during a concert last week, quoting a Beyonce song. "You do that s— again," she said, "You're gonna lose your wife."

The New Year's Eve video might be proof that Offset's second chances are up.


Cardi, who's usually very frank and active on social media, has been avoiding the topic since last week. Instead, she's been preoccupied with the fact that she currently has three songs in the Billboard top 100. She's been thanking and retweeting her fans constantly, and calling out everyone who referred to her as a one-hit-wonder.