'Dancing With the Stars' Pro Cheryl Burke Reveals the One Thing Husband Matthew Lawrence Can't Have

Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke has more than just a couple of mirror ball trophies at home. During a stop on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Jan. 5, Burke revealed that she also has over 40 reptiles sharing her home with her husband, Matthew Lawrence. However, there is one type of reptile Burke can't stand to have around.

When Clarkson brought up Lawrence's love of animals, Burke pointed out that he specifically loves reptiles. "I love animals, but he has reptiles," Burke said. "So, he has like 45 to 50 reptiles that live underneath us." She was mostly fine with this arrangement, but she drew the line at snakes. "No snakes, that was the deal," Burke said.

Lawrence's love of reptiles was no surprise for Burke. "When we dated a little over a decade ago, I knew I would be marrying a guy who loves reptiles," she said. Lawrence has all kinds of reptiles, including "iguanas that look like alligators," she said.

As for Burke, she has her beloved dog Frenchie, who knows it's not a good idea to visit the reptiles. "She's my little baby, so I'm like, 'Stay far away!'" Burke told Clarkson. "She stays away from the cages." 

Frenchie has made several appearances on Burke's Instagram page, even co-starring in Burke's Christmas post with Lawrence. During the last week of 2021, Burke also shared pictures with Frenchie. Notably, these posts did not include Lawrence's lizards! Burke, 37, and Larence, 41, started dating in February 2007 but split the following year. They reunited in 2017, and the Boy Meets World actor proposed on Burke's birthday in May 2018. They married in May 2018.


When Burke stopped by The Tamron Hall Show in September 2021, she said the two are interested in having children, but she wasn't sure if the time was right now. "[Dancing with the Stars is] a huge accomplishment and I am grateful for that experience. But I'm not like these other girls who just had babies and can just bounce back," Burke said, notes CheatSheet. "I know my body, but I also, more importantly, know my own mental health and if I have this body image issue that I'm dealing with, again, if this [my head] is not okay I can't perform." Burke also mentioned plans to freeze her eggs when on the Petty Messed Up podcast in November 2021.