'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly Reportedly Split for Good

After a two-year relationship, Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah are reportedly dunzo. A source close to the situation told People Magazine: "Minka is single now." Kelly, 41, and Noah, 38, have reportedly been split for some time. The source notes: "They have been broken up for a while." Kelly currently stars in the critically acclaimed HBO series Euphoria. The source reveals that Kelly isn't crying over the breakup. "[She] has the best attitude," the source notes. "She is very happy. She'd rather be single than waste her time with the wrong guy."

The two began dating in 2020. At the time, the source said of their union, "They're very happy,. It's a very serious relationship. They're making plans for a future together, and it's a very stable relationship. They've been spending time between coasts over the last year and had been looking for a place in LA as a couple."

This isn't their first breakup. They reportedly split in May 2021 before they were spotted out together in St. Barts weeks later. Before they were confirmed as s couple and were spotted publicly, a source told the publication that they were "figuring things out."

The two were quite a pair during their two years together. In January, Kelly posted photos from a trip to South Africa she took with The Daily Show host of his homeland. She called the trip "the holiday of a lifetime."

Unfortunately, the trip wasn't enough to save their union. The source insists now that Kelly is "very single."

The relationship allegedly ended due to Noah's schedule. "[He is] too focused on work and didn't have enough time for a relationship. He's back in the dating game as well. They're officially over," the source added. 

Prior to Noah, Kelly has also dated other high-profile men. She previously dated fellow actor Chris Evans, MLB legend Derek Jeter, and Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams after his divorce.