Conor McGregor's Girlfriend Dee Devlin Reveals Pregnancy

Conor McGregor and longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin are expecting their second child together.

Devlin revealed the news on Saturday via an Instagram post. She posted a photo of the UFC fighter to mark his 30th birthday that was a simple shot of him sitting on a luxurious yacht.

However, the caption of the Instagram photo revealed that the couple was expecting a new baby some time soon.

(Photo: Instagram / @deedevlin1)

"Happy 30th birthday babe!" McGregor wrote. "Thank You for being you! Love you to bits from me, Conor Jr. and the bump."

Two hours later, Devlin shared another photo that expressed her confidence in her partner's fatherhood abilities.

This second photo shows McGregor standing with the couple's first born, 1-year-old Conor Jr., on a pier.

(Photo: Instagram / @deedevlin1)

She captioned the photo with two simple words: "Best daddy."

The snap is not unlike many of the photos the controversial athlete shares of himself and Conor Jr.

The former UFC Lightweight and Featherweight Champion has fully embraced being a father and often uploads shots of Conor Jr. in the gym and at other locales with him. This has been the father and son's dynamic since Conor Jr.'s birth, as McGregor revealed to Sky Sports News in August 2017.

"This is my first fight camp with a son," McGregor said. "Originally, before he was born, I thought maybe I would have to do what many other fighters do, and move away, leave the family home and be isolated. I was worried about that - I hoped I did not have to do that. Thankfully it has been seamless. My sleep has not been interrupted. My son sleeps well - it's like he knows, and he's been on board as well."

He added, "It's been eye-opening, I'm in awe of my son. He has a wee smile."

McGregor, who famously lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match in August 2017, has also revealed his plans to document his rigorous training regimens and other struggles in order to show Conor Jr. what it took to become of the most famous fighters in the world.

"That's one of the things I look forward to the most," McGregor told MMA Junkie. "To show him back my whole career, this crazy journey I've been on. And to show him all the hard work and sacrifice that I've put into this. He will come up surrounded by many luxuries, but he will always know that it's hard work that achieves this. In order to achieve great things in this life you must work hard, and that's the message I will give my son."


As for McGregor's upcoming child, there is no word on how far along Devlin is or when her due date is.