Chrissy Metz Splits From Boyfriend John Stancil

Chrissy Metz and boyfriend John Stancil have split, with the actress confirming the news during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on Friday, March 30.

"I'm dating myself currently," Metz told Williams when the host asked the actress if she and Stancil were still together, though she added that the pair is still friends.

"I'm always friends with people who I was previously with, which is important to me, you know?" she said. "Because you care about the person. You don't just dump them off."

Metz and Stancil began dating after meeting on the set of This Is Us, with Metz starring on the show and Stancil working as a cameraman. Metz told Williams that Stancil had "moved onto another show" before their split.

In a March 2017 interview with Marie Claire, Metz opened up about her relationship, revealing that she first noticed Stancil while wrapping the show's second episode.

"I was like, oh he's cute, with shorts and his backward hat, kind of masculine," she said. "Before I even know it, I called out, 'You better slow down or you're going to choke on your food.' I am typically a little more charismatic than that, I swear."

The actress added that Stancil had even offered to stop working on the show so their relationship wouldn't get in the way of their jobs.

"It was very unexpected," Metz admitted. "My priority was my job and I was not trying to blow my big shot. Josh even offered to go work on another show."

Metz previously told PEOPLE Now that the pair is careful to make sure their jobs remain the priority.

"My priority is my job and his priority is his," she explained. "He's been doing this for many … 15, 16 years, and he even said to me, "Listen, if it's ever weird, I will leave. I will leave the show and go work on another show.' I'm like, 'No! Don't leave the show.'"


Photo Credit: Getty / David Livingston