Chris Pratt Seen With Mystery Woman a Week After Separation

Chris Pratt recently made his first public appearance since his separation from Anna Faris was announced, and now he's been spotted with a mystery woman.

Pratt was seen getting into a private jet on Monday with an unnamed blonde woman. Paparazzi captured the two leaving a black SUV and getting into the private plane, but there was no clear identification of the woman.

The pair was dressed casually in T shirts and sunglasses, so it didn't seem like a particularly romantic getaway. It's possible she was only an assistant, a friend or family member. It was such a quick glimpse there's no real way of telling what the situation was.

Regardless, fans were taken aback by the photos. The possibility of Pratt moving on so quickly was crushing to fans, with many hoping that he would reunite with Faris.

Neither Pratt nor Faris have posted on social media since they shared their separation announcement. Pratt was spotted out without his wedding ring and then appeared at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday.


Now a week out from their split, fans are still taking to Twitter to grieve the separation of one of Hollywood's most beloved couples.

Photo Credit: Getty / Michael Hickey