Cardi B Previously Looked Past Offset's Infidelity 'Because of the Baby'

A source close to Cardi B tried to explain why the rapper "looked past" Offset's infidelity up until now, in a new interview with PEOPLE. The insider explained that Cardi made every attempt to keep the family together for her daughter's sake. This week, it simply became too much, which is why she filed for divorce on Tuesday.

Cardi B's divorce filing in Fulton County, Georgia went public on Tuesday, and fans had little doubt about why. Her marriage to fellow rapper Offset has been plagued by cheating, and a source close to the couple said that fans do not even know the full extent of it. "Offset has pretty much cheated the entire time [they've been together]," they revealed, "but Cardi looked the other way because of the baby."

"She also didn't want to be embarrassed. But she's had enough," they added. Cardi and Offset have been married for about three years, and they share a 2-year-old daughter, Kulture Kiari. Their tumultuous romance has become central to both of their fame, and has found its way into their music as well.

Cardi famously called her husband out in her 2018 single "Be Careful," and even used a live performance of the song on SNL to reveal her pregnancy at the time. However, Cardi has been resistant to fans who take too much of an interest in her relationship, or try to lecture her about giving up on Offset.

"I know I look good, I know I'm rich, I know I'm talented. I know I could get any man I want — any basketball player, football player," she said in a 2018 interview with Cosmopolitan. "But I want to work out my s— with my man, and I don't got to explain why. I'm not your property. This is my life... I'm going to take my time, and I'm going to decide on my decision."

"It's not right, what he f—ing did — but people don't know what I did, 'cause I ain't no angel," she added.
Cardi B and Offset have had one highly publicized split during their time together, in December of 2018. At the time, the couple said that they "grew out of love," but that there was no animosity between them.


"We are really good friends and we are really good business partners — you know he's always somebody that I run to talk to, and we got a lot of love for each other — but things just haven't been working out between us for a long time," Cardi said at the time.

This stands in stark contrast to Cardi's divorce filing on Tuesday, which said that their marriage is "irretrievably broken." So far, the rapper has not commented publicly on the new divorce paperwork.