Ben Affleck's New Girlfriend Shauna Sexton Responds to Accusations of Contributing to His Relapse

Shauna Sexton, the Playboy model Ben Affleck was seen going out with days before he re-entered [...]

Shauna Sexton, the Playboy model Ben Affleck was seen going out with days before he re-entered rehab, responded to allegations she was the reason for his relapse on Instagrm.

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(Photo: Instagram/Shauna Sexton)

The 22-year-old shared a photo of herself with a wine glass on Aug. 25. According to Us Weekly, an Instagram commenter accused her of getting Affleck "thrown into rehab."

She "never drank around or with him for the record," Sexton replied.

"You've been arrested twice for underage drinking and public intoxication just last year, so please tell me again you don't like to drink or party [laughing my a— off]," the commenter snapped back.

Sexton responded with a long statement, defending herself for partying and admitting she was arrested for underage drinking at 17.

"I love to drink and party! Absolutely dude. Most 22 year olds do. Yes you're correct," Sexton replied. "I got put in the drunk tank when I was 17 for having a fake ID and drinking underage at a bar in Virginia Beach, and despite the fact most people have used a fake ID as well as drank underage, it was a dumb mistake on my behalf and an embarrassing one at that. Then the weekend of my 21st birthday I got obliterated and wound up getting left at a bar at the ocean front in Virginia Beach.. where I was again taken to the drunk tank for being intoxicated publicly ..while attempting to find a ride home."

Sexton said that her past mistakes do not define her, and she has learned from them. She insisted she would never "disrespect someone's heard-earned sobriety by drinking with them."

"I have limitless respect [for] people who have the humility and maturity to admit when they need to fix something in their life. I have even more respect for those who take action and actually do something about it," Sexton replied.

She later said Affleck is a "grown a– man" who "makes his own decisions."

"Blaming a 22 year old for someone's 3rd time in rehab is just ridiculous," Sexton wrote. "He is human. I am human. You are human. We all are going to f— up it's just a matter of learning from it. Don't be so quick to throw shade on people. Take a step back, accept that we are all on our own journey, and be a little less critical. Take care."

The commenter then pulled a rare move, apologizing for the accusation.

"Yes you are absolutely right, I shouldn't have blamed you for his relapse, as long as you didn't hand him the bottle that's 100% on him. I apologize for that. You are a very well spoken girl, and I hope you get your life together," the commenter wrote.

Affleck checked into rehab on Aug. 22 after his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, and a sober coach had an intervention at his home. He previously went to rehab in 2001 and 2017. After agreeing to go back, Garner and Affleck finalized their divorce.

The Justice League actor, 46, was dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus for a year, but they split this summer. On Aug. 16, he was seen having dinner with Sexton.

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