Ana Cheri Is Officially Single, Reveals Breakup on Instagram

Ana Cheri is a single woman. The 35-year-old influencer and model has separated from husband Ben Mooreland. Cheri and Moreland made the announcement of their breakup in joint social media posts on Sunday, Dec. 5, sharing that they have decided to go their separate ways and hinting that things were amicable.

In the text post, signed "Ben & Ana," the former couple announced that they "have decided to end our romantic relationship," though they said they "still have love for one another as humans." Reflecting on their years-long romance, the couple continued, "we started our relationship as friends and will continue to be friends. We have appreciated your support from the beginning and appreciate your continued support now." Cheri and Moreland concluded the post by requesting kindness and privacy "during this time."

Details of Cheri and Moreland's relationship are mostly private. CelebsCouples reports that the pair began dating back in 2006, though it is unclear how or when they first met. They tied the knot in March of 2012. They celebrated their nine-year universe this year, with Moreland celebrating the occasion with a sweet Instagram post featuring a gallery of images highlighting their relationship.

"Every love story is special, unique and beautiful, but ours is my favorite. Happy 9 year anniversary my love. Here are 9 photos and 9 great memories," he captioned the post. "If I could go back and do things differently I would find you sooner so I could love you longer. We have our happily ever after but I still want more. I'll love you forever, until the last star twinkles out and even beyond; into the darkness after the heat death of the universe when the last star has gone out and the pervasive entropy is all that remains my love for you will still endure."


At this time, neither Cheri nor Moreland have commented further on their split. In the days since making the announcement, the pair have both shared additional posts to their Instagram accounts, with Moreland sharing a motivational fitness post on Monday, Dec. 6, and Cheri sharing three new posts, the most recent being a photo of herself with the caption, "be Thankful for what you have and Fearless for what you want... sending you positive vibes on this Monday!"