Ana Cheri 'Sick' and Anxious After Items Stolen, Cat Goes Missing

Ana Cheri is experiencing a bit of a stressful time as of late. On her Instagram Story, the [...]

Ana Cheri is experiencing a bit of a stressful time as of late. On her Instagram Story, the influencer, who boasts 12.5 million followers on Instagram, shared that she's been dealing with some serious anxiety recently. As for the reason behind her anxiety, Cheri explained that she had some of her items stolen and that her cat had gone missing.

Cheri began her Instagram Story by telling her followers, "The amount of anxiety and adrenaline I've been experiencing is astounding. I feel sick. Please send a prayer or positive thought my way. I'll fill you in soon." It wasn't before long that the model did let her fans know what was going on in her life. In a subsequent post to her Instagram Story, she noted that she had several items stolen from her. She urged her followers to message her if they did see any of the pieces being worn or sold online. Cheri then included photos of all of her stolen items, which included a necklace, rings and a Rolex. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing that she was dealing with.

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In yet another update to her Instagram Story, Cheri shared that her cat was missing. She wrote, alongside a photo of her cat, "I know you can't really help on this one, but my cat is missing." The influencer said that she had taken all of the necessary steps to inform her neighborhood about her missing cat. But, the situation is still incredibly stressful, as she noted that it's all the more difficult to navigate as her cat mainly resides indoors. Cheri added that if anyone has "had an inside cat get out, you know the stress."

"We have set out food and a blanket that smells like us and some of his litter and his bed and treats," Cheri added in another slide. "We are watching for him, walking the neighborhood and hoping he comes home. He is an indoor cat. My baby. I'm stressed." Several hours after Cheri shared this stressful situation, she had a positive update to share with her followers. She wrote that her cat had been found and, now, he is safely residing in her home. Cheri posted a video of her cat eating his food and another in which he's enjoying some much-needed pets. The influencer even noted that she is in a "happy" place now that her cat is safe and sound.