Amy Robach's Divorce Finalized Amidst T.J. Holmes Romance

Former Good Morning America host Amy Robach officially finalized her divorce from actor Andrew Shue on Friday, and she celebrated T.J. Holmes. Robach and Holmes made waves late last year when they were spotted having an affair despite being married to other people, but it soon turned out that they were in the process of divorcing their respective spouses. After a long journey, Robach has finally completed that process according to a report by The Daily Mail.

Robach and Shue were married for about 12 years but were in the process of separating before the public learned of Robach's affair with her GMA co-host Holmes. They did their best to wrap things up quietly amid the public spectacle, and on Friday they reportedly reached a settlement. They established a deal through a mediator which even includes joint custody of their dog, Brody. On Thursday, Shue was seen meeting with Robach's daughter in New York City to pick up Brody. On Friday, Robach was seen smiling with Holmes. The duo walked arm-in-arm in the city, grinning in front of paparazzi photographers.

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Their walk took them around the financial district where Holmes has an apartment. They have both reportedly been spending a lot of time there recently, as Holmes continues his divorce from attorney Marilee Fiebig. They have been married since 2009 and, unlike Robach and Shue, have a child together – Sabine, born in 2013. That divorce will reportedly play out in court and may be more contentious than Shue and Robach's arrangement.

Sources close to the former couple said that it was heartbreaking to watch Robach and Shue's marriage disintegrate, with one saying: "It's an awfully sad end to what was a great marriage. Andrew was so into her. But at least they worked out their split through mediation rather than some ugly legal battle. And they sorted out custody of Brody."

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The sordid details of Robach and Holmes' respective marriages have only been reported secondhand so far, but according to The Daily Mail's sources, Robach's affair with Holmes was a contributing factor to her separation from Shue. Insiders said that 56-year-old Shue found out about 50-year-old Robach's infidelity in August of 2022. However, even then they tried their best to keep things private and settle the divorce out of court. Brody was apparently the biggest sticking point for them.