Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Complete New York Half Marathon

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' relationship is moving right along. The former Good Morning America anchors are also moving right along, on a New York half marathon that is. Us Weekly reported that Robach and Holmes completed the 2023 United Airlines NYC Half marathon on Sunday. 

Holmes and Robach were seen running side by side during Sunday's half marathon. In photos obtained by Us Weekly, Robach wears bright blue leggings, a white zip-up jacket, and a black beanie. As for Holmes, he can be seen wearing an all-black athletic outfit. This isn't the first time that the pair have run a marathon together. In 2022, they ran the TCS New York City Marathon and chronicled their preparations for the event on Good Morning America. It was previously reported that Robach and Holmes developed feelings for one another while training to run marathons together. 

"You enjoyed [running the half-marathon]," Robach said on a March 2022 episode of GMA3. "The smile on your face was undeniable. Also, I just wanted to point out, I'm going to say it for you, T.J. beat me." He replied, "By one second! We were running together. And I ended up a second ahead officially." The former GMA anchors gave fans an inside look into their training both on and off the air. In a TikTok video that was shared to the official GMA3 account, Robach shared one of her training tips, which touched upon her friendship with her co-worker.

"[One] tip is to train with friends," she said. "You set the agenda, you say, 'Here's when we're meeting' and then you actually make an appointment. It becomes social and fun when you're working hard [and] at least you feel the excitement of doing it with someone, you don't feel alone. I really think that's a huge, big part of it, to have a run buddy." She pointed at Homes as she said this, and he responded, "Aww, she pointed at me when she said, 'friend.' That's so cute."

Robach and Holmes have more time on their hands to dedicate to their running hobby after their exits from GMA. Shortly after the news of their affair broke, the two anchors were taken off the air from the ABC news program. Several weeks later, in January, it was reported that they were fired following an "internal review" into the situation.