T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's NYC Marathon Videos Resurface Amid Affair Scandal

The extra-marital affair between Good Morning America co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach has captivated social media, and at its heart is the 2022 New York City Marathon. The two became "running buddies" early in 2021, discussing their training and their pursuit of fitness on air and on social media. In hindsight, viewers think these kinds of segments were the clearest sign of their real-life chemistry.

Robach and Holmes are both married to partners outside of the news media industry, though according to a report by The Daily Mail both have been in the process of getting divorced since August of 2022. This report also claims that the two realized their true feelings for each other while training to run marathons together. According to a report by Us Weekly, they began that process early in 2021 and tackled several half-marathons together before building up to their ultimate goal – the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon. Now that viewers are dissecting all their content together, these marathon clips stand out as particularly suspicious.

Videos from the official GMA3 TikTok account show Holmes and Robach in their athletic running outfits together behind the scenes discussing their strategy for training and for the race itself. In one video from March, they explain the dynamic of "pacing" your training partner, while Holmes jokes that Robach does all the hard work of planning while he simply follows along. She responds: "But we're going to both be finishers, and that's what counts."

Holmes seemed to jokingly interpret this phrase in the most suggestive way possible, though in hindsight viewers wonder how much of a "joke" it really was. Meanwhile, clips closer to the race itself showed the two teasing each other in a flirty way about the experience as a whole. Robach gushed about sharing the big moment with Holmes, whose smile has taken on new meaning for viewers in light of what they know now. Finally, the clip of the two actually crossing the finish line has gone viral all over again as well.


Go T.J. and Amy! We gave our co-anchors some #GMA3 love before they run the #nycmarathon on Sunday!

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Holmes and Robach were removed from the air starting on Monday, but they did not violate company policy and are not being punished. According to a report by Variety, ABC News executives felt that the pair was becoming a "distraction" for viewers and for their colleagues. It's unclear what will be next for them.