Chip Gaines Declares His Love for Wife Joanna With Large Gesture of Affection

Chip Gaines pretty much won Valentine's Day, by declaring his love for his wife Joanna with a very large gesture of affection.

In a post on his Instagram page, Gaines revealed that he wrote "Chip [heart's] Jo" in massive font on the side of a silo-like structure.

"Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet girl!!" he wrote in the post's caption, adding in a hashtag that the color is "John Deere Green."

(Photo: Chip Gaines / Instagram)

Many of Gaines' fans and followers have since commented on his photo, with one person joking, "Guess I'll throw out my card and Kohl's cash coupon for her..... Thanks for ruining my vday [Chip] , how am I supposed to compete?"

"Precious! Thank you for setting the bar high for young ladies that love you both. This is how a man treat the love of his life!! Settle for nothing less!" another person wrote.

"Thank you for loving your wife and family so much.. and for not being afraid to show the world what a functioning family looks like!" another person commented.

Recently, Joanna spoke with Jenna Bush Hager in an interview for Southern Living wherein the two spoke candidly about family life and motherhood. The mother of five was asked about "the lack of sleep, and all the tedious" elements of raising children being "the beautiful part of life," to which she replied that she believes it is.

"Yes, and looking through the lens of my older children has really helped me see that," she said. "When I had the first four, it was a whirlwind. This past weekend, Crew was sick, and I took him to the doctor — just me and him. The simplest things are highlighted to you. Before it was 'I have to get through it.' I’ve learned so much through this season of my life because I’m experiencing it through the eyes of my other children, especially Emmie, my youngest girl."

Later, Joanna spoke about what felt was the surprising aspect of "motherhood."


"How much they would affect me. You just think kids will fit into your life, and then I had these babies and didn’t realize how they would have every string of my heart," she shared. "Everything I do, from the moment I get into my car to drive to work, I’m thinking, “Did I do everything I could to make those kids know that I love them?” I’m a segmented person, but there is not a moment when they’re not in my mind. I never thought it would be like that."

Photo credit: Discovery Channel