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Terminator 2 Headed Back to Theaters in 4K 3D

Kofi Outlaw


Terminator 2 (aka T2: Judgement Day) is still regarded as one of the best action-thriller movies of all time, with no signs of wearing out its welcome anytime soon.

Case in point: Terminator 2 will be heading back to theaters again - this time in the state-of-the-art format of 4K 3D, and converted into the format by James Cameron himself. It will be released in theaters on August 25th, exclusively at AMC theater locations.

AMC's Executive VP Elizabeth Frank invites fans to enjoy this milestone event, stating (via Variety), "the newly restored version of the classic will take the already extraordinary special effects to a new level, and AMC is honored to give fans a newly immersive experience of a legendary film, as well as introduce the blockbuster to a new generation.”

For anyone who has been thoroughly disappointed by the state of the Terminator franchise in the last few years (particularly Terminator: Genisys), this would be a worthwhile event to show up at the theater for. Terminator 2 was a milestone movie experience for a lot of viewers - and even capturing a fraction of the "movie magic" in the theater once again would beat seeing so many of the other movies that will be released in the foreseeable future.

It you're interested, mark the date: Terminator 2 in 4K 3D, in theaters on August 25, 2017.

Meanwhile: A new Terminator movie (that's actually produced by Cameron) is currently in development. More on that, below.

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