Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing 66 Rolls of Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As the spread of the coronavirus grows, so does the panic among families across the board who are now trying to stock up on household items and food. However, because of the fear that's continuing to grow, store shelves have struggled to stay fully stocked, or stocked at all. Now a Florida man has been arrested for stealing 66 roles of toilet paper from an Orlando hotel.

According to Fox35, a report says that Angel Hernandezcinto claimed he was a cleaner at the hotel and reportedly told the guard on duty that he knew a lady who was struggling financially and was going to take the toilet paper to her. After making those claims, he then apologized for what he did.

Hernandezcinto was originally caught after a guard watched him pushing a trash can towards his van to only then put a bag inside. When the guard went up to the van to take a look inside, he noticed the bag was full of toilet paper that belonged to the hotel. Each roll is valued at $0.99.

Hernandezcinto has been charged with theft from public lodging establishment. The 31-year-old was released from jail on Thursday, but online records do not show how much was paid in a bond or in an attorney to speak on his behalf. He has yet to enter a plea.

Since the outbreak, a shortage of not only toilet paper, but household cleaning supplies like Clorox and Lysol wipes, along with a slew of different kinds of food have all cleared the shelves. So much so, certain stores like Aldi and Costco are actually looking for extra temporary help due to their sudden surge in sales.

Other stores are limiting their hours to give workers enough time to sanitize the store, as well as, blocking off certain hours for only the elderly to come in and shop. But for others who aren't comfortable being in public at the moment, different retailers are offering even more options so their customers don't even have to leave their home offering delivery options.


However, due to the surge, deliveries could take longer than usual as companies try and meet the new demand. Instacart made an announcement that while they are happy to deliver, it may take a little longer than expected considering the circumstances.

"Based on the current surge in demand, customers can expect to see delivery availability vary across stores during the busiest request windows," the company said. "Delivery windows are specific to individual store volume and shopper availability. As availability opens up for an individual store, customers will see these delivery windows become available on the Instacart marketplace."