'The Bachelor' Featured A Chocolate Bath, And It Is Not As Sexy As It Sounds


The Bachelor in Australia got a little weird on the most recent episode as the date included a shared bath experience where the couple soaked in a tub of melted chocolate. 

After winning the prize of a one-on-one date, Aussie bachelor Richie Strahan and contestant Alex were in for a sticky surprise when the producers decided to have the duo take a dip in the tub. The interesting experience has never happened before on the show, and it is probably for a very good reason. The aftermath of the chocolate bath looked all types of wrong, and as you can imagine, Twitter users were quick to point out how disgusting the scene was.

Check out some of the best tweets about the chocolate bath scene below.

So does this ruin chocolate for you or does the melted chocolate bath look like to partake in with your significant other?

[H/T Mashable]