The Usos' Next Challengers Revealed During SmackDown Live

After three months of solid matches, WWE is moving on from the New Day and Usos tag team title feud on SmackDown.

Tuesday's edition of SmackDown opened with both teams coming out to the ring and having a moment of respect. The Usos acknowledged what a great series the teams have had, most recently on Sunday night at Hell In A Cell, and they noted that the New Day are the only other team on the roster who understands them and what they go through week in and week out. Both teams also agreed that they are the best teams in the division.

After they shook hands, a symbolic end to their feud, four other SmackDown tag teams came down to the ring. This included the Hype Bros, Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, The Ascension, and Breezango. With all of the teams pleading their case for a title challenge, SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan came out to make a fatal four-way match to determine the new number one contenders.

It should be noted that the New Day never protested that they deserved another match, so we are definitely moving on from the previous feud. In that sense, it's not surprising to see the belts on the Usos. While it surely seemed like a babyface turn could be in their future during the opening segment, I think it's more likely that was just done to wrap up their feud and the pair will continue to be heels.

The only other tag team with any credibility to challenge for the tag team titles at this point, given their dominance in recent weeks, would be the babyface team of Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable. So with the New Day/Usos feud wrapping up, the tag team titles needed to be on a heel team. Hence the Usos' victory at Hell In A Cell.

So as predicted, Benjamin and Gable emerged victorious in the fatal four-way and have been granted a "future" shot at the tag team titles. No announcement was made as to when the match will happen. Coming off a great series with the New Day, though, Gable and Benjamin are the type of guys that can produce some more spectacular matches with the Usos.