Charlotte Comments on Her Wardrobe Malfunction From SmackDown

Charlotte Flair's tag line is that she is "genetically superior" to her competition. Last night, a section of lucky fans got to see if that slogan rings true.

On paper, last night's SmackDown contest between Charlotte and Lana seemed insignificant. While the match didn't exactly shake up the hierarchy for the women's division, it did supply a memorable moment.

As Lana attempted to flip over Charlotte, she accidentally yanked down Charlotte's tights — giving the hard camera section of the audience a shot of Charlotte's booty.

Graciously, the fans immediately broke into a "Thank you Lana" chant.

Naturally, Charlotte snapped her shorts back in place and continued the match without skipping a beat. Even better, Ms. Flair addressed the situation amicably with her pal, Becky Lynch.

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Knowing that the accident was a fun talking point, Charlotte doubled-down on Twitter.

"People will do anything to try to get the upper hand," she wrote.

It's surprising that little blunders like this don't happen more often. Charlotte's father, Ric Flair, was notorious for putting his bum on display well into his 40's. This "accident" would also happen to Shawn Michaels on a regular basis. Maybe it's a cheap way to get attention, but fans love this stuff.

While it seemed innocent enough, maybe this is a chapter in the Flair Family book of tricks. As a budding babyface, maybe Charlotte is trying to win over some fans by flashing some extra skills.

"Since I am a babyface now, I am going to put all my energy into being the best babyface ever. My comfort zone and where I feel most natural is being a heel. My character could stay the same and people like my character versus disliking it. It's more me trying to figure out how that works and staying true to my character regardless of what side I'm on. I do feel more comfortable as a heel, but I'm taking the baby face challenge on as much as I can," she told the Ottowa Citizen.

Charlotte trying her chops at baby facing is similar to when LeBron James decided to work on his post-up offense. Will it change their respective worlds? No, but it will make them much more effective down the road.

The best part about Charlotte being a "good girl" is that she'll once again be bad. Just wait for the moment she turns on Lynch. We all remember how much we love to hate her. For about two consecutive years, Charlotte has unconditionally lead the women's division. With that kind of rapid success, what will she look like in 5 years?