Brett Eldredge's Third Album Hits No. 1

Brett Eldredge has had an incredible weekend celebrating his No. 1 self-titled third album.

Brett Eldredge was released on Friday, Aug. 4, and has been sitting at the No. 1 spot of iTunes' top album throughout all genres ever since.

The country singer took his talents to New York City, specifically Rockefeller Plaza, to perform on the Today show Monday morning. Eldredge performed on the morning talk show in celebration for the release of his brand new album.

When asked about the decision to self-title his third album, Eldredge responded, “This one was just the most me as an artist. The most authentic to my musical influences, my songwriting…everything just came together on this album and I just felt like this is the one that I want to plant my flag as this big record that I made that really connected. So I put my name right on the front of it.”

During a few rapid-fire questions back stage at the Today show, Eldredge revealed that the first time he heard himself on the radio he “almost spit the food out” even though he knew his radio airtime was coming.

The “Love Someone” singer also recalled his first opening act for Blake Shelton at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville before he made his break in country music.

After his interview, Eldredge took the stage in the plaza in front of hundreds of his adoring fans. He performed a few of his hits such as “Wanna Be That Song,” “Somethin’ I’m Good At,” and “The Long Way,” which he says is his favorite song on the new album.

Watch the full interview below: